07/09 Inspiration from Lily and Cuckoo

The Lily Connection

July 2009

Theme for the month:



I was talking into my tape recorder the other day (a newly-acquired, very old machine~ sort of makes me feel like I am back in the days of radio and real typewriters…) and I was free-flowing this train of thought about the truths in life.  I came down to the caboose of the whole idea, and said, “The truth is very simple and very joyful and it always smiles.”  Well, to me, this whole thought feels like a ray of sunshine.  Come to think of it, I feel like a ray. 


This reminds me of the scene in the movie “Caddyshack” when Chevy Chase is putting one golf ball after another right into the hole and as he does, he is whispering, “Be the ball.  Be the ball.  Be.  The ball.”  Like the other day when I was riding on the back of a motorcycle, which I haven’t done in five or twenty years.  (Talk about living in the moment!)  I needed a focus because I was kind of flipping out.  So, I thought of Chevy and I kept saying over and over (in my head), “Be the bike.  Be the bike.  Be.  The bike.”


Okay, focus… focus… back to the ray.  So, the other day someone asked me, “How can you possibly be smiling all the time~ every day?”  I am not sure.  I need to think about this.  Lots of things happen on a daily basis, how can I be smiling all the time?  Well, first of all, if you see me smiling that means your face just came into my view.  Your beautiful spirit, shining right through your eyes, is now looking at me.  How could I possibly help but smile?  Life is a very broad concept but when we narrow in on the truth, rays of sunshine are ready to beam right through.  When things come right into focus, it is so simple.  We are the rays. 


Sometimes when I look outside my window or take a drive, I am in awe of the beauty which surrounds us.  I see blue skies and green trees and take a big clean breath in and think how lucky I am to drink this all in.  I smile at the sight.  I smile to have happy memories.  I smile at possibilities.  I smile with friends.  I smile with family.  I smile at my cat! 




Everything around you lights up when you smile.


***Be the Ray this Sparkling July***


Behind the theme: 

The other day, I was driving down the road and caught a glimpse of an unusual object strapped to the roof of the car in front of me.  It was quite large, about the size of a washer or dryer, tipped on its side.  It had a frame and objects were appearing in the body of it~ buildings, some trees, and lots of landscape.  I thought it was a big screen T.V. that was turned on!  The images were so crisp and clear.  When my imagination finally caught up with reality, I saw it was an ordinary table, its legs forming the frame I imagined.  The objects floating by were the real life objects appearing along the side of the road.  That’s when I was reminded that this beautiful thing called “Life” is playing out right before our eyes.  Sometimes I feel crazy and I want to jump up and down and say, “Did you see that!  Did you feel that!” Isn’t life crazy cool?


THANK-YOU * THANK-YOU * THANK-YOU to all who wrote in describing your sock!  My goodness, what a joy to behold.  I have begun posting them on my web-site, www.lilcuckoo.com in the category titled, “Sock Project ~ a sneak peek.”  Check it out!  If you haven’t written in yet and want to be a part of the project, check out the survey questions below.  Together, we share and we shine!  Be the Sock!  

Sunshine Sock 

Lily’s Life Lesson #97 





at once…

That is the


of your



WORD SEARCH PUZZLE: sending this in with a self-addressed envelope will win you a free bookmark.  Click here and say “send puzzle”:  lily@lilcuckoo.com


Lily on the road, next stops: 

Thursday, July 9

Presentation for the

Point O’ Woods Women’s Club

7PM Old Lyme, CT

Do you belong to a club in the area and would like me to speak?

Email me at lily@lilcuckoo.com


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The Shops at Saybrook Country Barn

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Lily 24/7:  www.lilcuckoo.com


Survey Question: 

Okay, here is the scoop.  I am working on a book titled, “If Socks Could Talk.”  Wanna be in it? Just answer these questions:

Part 1)  If you were a sock, what would you be? (describe in the way of color, style, adornments)

Part 2)  Now, if this sock could talk, what words of encouragement would it say?

Part 3)  If you would like to be included in my book project, tell me the name you would like to use and include your age.  Oh, one more thing, include the color of your eyes.  We want your sock to be accurate!  lily@lilcuckoo.com 

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WROTE IN!  Check out your socks!

For a sneak peek at some socks, click on this link or copy and paste:  Lil Cuckoo Co inspirational unique gifts : Sock Project – A sneak peek


©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


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See you next month!


Let the Cuckoo out®

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