06/09 Inspiration From Lily and Cuckoo

The Lily Connection

June 2009

Theme for the month:



I remember as if it was yesterday… wait… maybe it was yesterday… no, I’m just kidding!  Many, many years ago, back when we had our cool speed boat, we were lounging around off the coast of Block Island with some friends.  Glen was telling me to do something, and sometimes when you are in the middle of doing nothing, anything that someone asks you to do seems like too much to do.  I remember having a little spat with Glen over this little something, even though I cannot remember exactly what the little something was.  My point in bringing it up at all has to do with what happened after the spat.


Another little something to bring up at this point is the fact that my mind and I play a little game with music.  You see, my mind will come up with a popular song and as it is playing in my head, certain lyrics in the song help me with a situation that is bothering me at the moment.  So, a little while later, my mind started to play, “Cherish the love we have…” and of course I could not stay in a spat with Glen when I had this as a beautiful reminder.  And then, when the song came into my head, I smiled and explained the whole ‘musical lyrics helping me’ to my friend across the table.  First, her eyebrows went up and then she smiled a very knowing smile, to which I quickly responded, “Oh, does that happen to you, too?”  To which she replied, “No, honey, that would be just you.”


I felt a bit awkward and strange, which happen to be very familiar feelings for me, so I moved on.  However, I did make a mental note that I did not need to seek out mentioning the whole lyrics helping me thing too often.  Over the years, though, the music game has become quite clever.  Now, the lyric intended to help with a certain something is buried deep within the song.  So, when the song pops into my head, I need to let it “play”~ sometimes through several choruses, and then POW something in the words will be the best advice I could possibly receive.  So, the other day the song from Wizard of Oz came into my head.  The one from the scene where Dorothy and her friends are being groomed to see the Wizard.  “Clip, clip, here, and a snip, snip, there and a couple of Fa La La’s… That’s how we pass the time of day in the merry ol’ Land of Oz…”  What can I say?  I was merrily passing the time day.  But for some reason, I wanted to share again, by telling the other person in the room the song in my head.  You should have seen the eyebrows this time.


***Merrily Pass the Days of June***


Behind the theme: 

Sometimes I wonder just how much to share.  You know the question, should I really say this out loud?  Have you ever noticed how high eyebrows can go up when you have just said something strange?  I think we should call it the “Theory of Eccentricity,” with the actual degree of strangeness being directly proportional to the degree in the arc of the eyebrows that sprung up because of what we have just said. 


Oohh that’s mighty odd… that one measured 57 degrees.

pair of socks 

Lily’s Life Lesson #96 


Becoming eccentric

is a rite of passage

I happen to take

very seriously.


Now, if

you will excuse me,

I am going to

take my socks

for a walk.




Behind the lesson: If you would like to know more about the theory behind this lesson, stay tuned!  (And check out the survey questions!)


WORD SEARCH PUZZLE: sending this in with a self-addressed envelope will win you a free bookmark.  Click here and say “send puzzle”:  lily@lilcuckoo.com


Lily on the road, next stops:
  Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Lace Factory Market

161 River Road 

Deep River, CT 06417

3PM – 6:30 PM

Need some fresh veggies?


Saturday, June 20, 2009

“Summerfest” carnival

At the Meadowbrook Golf Course in Hamden


Rides, Games, Food, Entertainment and FUN!


the Shops at Saybrook Country Barn

If you are looking to buy Lily products, you will find my Lily books, cards, bookmarks, and more in the “Lily Department” of this beautiful shopping destination, which includes “everything for the home, furniture for every room and all the extras to make your house a home;”  as well as, a women’s boutique and restaurant.  Check it out and get directions at www.saybrookcountrybarn.com


Survey Question: 

Part 1)  If you were a sock, what would you be? (describe in the way of color, style, adornments)

Part 2)  Now, if this sock could talk, what words of encouragement would it say?

Part 3)  If you would like to be included in my book project, tell me whether to use your real first name or make up a nifty name for your sock and include your age.  Oh, one more thing, include the color of your eyes.  We want your sock to be accurate!  HaHa  More details forthcoming…  It’s a doozy.  lily@lilcuckoo.com 

Do musical lyrics give you advice, too?


©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


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See you next month!


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