01/09 Inspiration from Lily and Cuckoo

The Lily Connection

January 2009

Theme for the month:

Common Sense


I have decided my sense is not common.  I mean, my assumptions are not ordinary.  Well, let me just say my deductions travel upwardly instead of downwardly.  Okay, I admit it~ I cannot see the obvious because I am too busy looking at all the possibilities around it!


And this can by quite embarrassing…


The other day, I was at the boatyard and needed access to the dumpster. A nice, tall wooden fence circled the area.  I saw a big piece of rope and a wide board that slid horizontally between metal loops to keep the door closed.  I moved the board and tried to pull the door open.  Nothing moved.  The board appeared to be free from the two sections and I tried to pull harder but it would not budge an inch.  What is going on here?  I pulled harder and harder.  The door would not open!  Was the rope somehow constricting the door even though the board was free?  Sigh, I went inside to find out why.  I was trying to move the WALL, not the door…


Mind you, the stationary wall part took up nine tenths of the fence and it had the rope and the big board across it.  That is what my mind chose to view as the door~ not the little section to the right that was free of all adornments and simply waiting to be pushed open!  Putting this in perspective, it is like picking up a refrigerator and placing it over a glass of milk to keep it cold, or trying to move the rain cloud instead of opening an umbrella to avoid getting wet.  Why would a mind want to see everything except the obvious?  I am not sure but it reminds me of a cosmic concept that came to me the other day.  It begins with a question:  


The sky asked the sun,

“What kind of day will it be today?”


You see, no matter what condition the sky decides to be, you are the sun and you are always shining.

***Happy January and a Sunny New Year***



I made another game for you!  This one is a word find and I picked all the words for their inspiration.  Win another bookmark and have FUN!   


New news:  We are closing our store in Mystic (simply too expensive to keep open!)  I want to thank every person who stepped foot inside~ your warmth and spirit are a joy to behold.  When the time comes to open another grass shack, you will be the first to know!  In the meantime, we will continue to connect through this monthly newsletter, the web-site, (www.lilcuckoo.com) , emails, letters, events and shows, new venues (very exciting developments are in the works!).  You know, I did not know what to expect when I started to walk down this road.  The further I venture, the more I want to see.  It is a vast and beautiful world out there and I am humbled, awed and mesmerized by it.  In relation to the subject of this month’s topic, my husband does this really cute thing whenever my sense is not common.  He cups his hands over his mouth and blows in, like he is testing a microphone, and then he says:


“Earth to Liz”


“Earth to Liz”


I love it when he does that.  It means I just discovered something pretty amazing. 


©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


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Let the Cuckoo out®

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