02/09 Inspiration from Lily and Cuckoo

The Lily Connection

February 2009

Theme for the month:



The opposite of wild is tame and tame is very nice but not all things can be tamed.  I remember a time in my life when I tried to tame everything.  By taming, I mean putting everything in its place, just so, and knowing exactly what to expect and when to expect it.  Have you ever noticed this does not work?  It took a long time, but I finally figured that out.  It can be scary sometimes, but then sometimes, it can be shockingly beautiful.


Last month, I forgot to tell you I gave myself a black eye!   A real shiner.  I was standing at my computer desk and sneezed.  The kind of sneeze that throws your head back and then down again at record-breaking speed.  When my head came down, my eye smacked right into the metal arm of my chair.  It was black and blue and purple within 3 minutes.  I took it as a sign.


It was a sign that my path was changing and as much as I wanted to tame the one I was on, it wanted me to move another way.  I said, “Okay.  I give up.  Move me.”  Now, I see wildflowers.


The other day I found myself in a room filled with flowers, which happened to be in a place filled with wild possibilities.  The sight went to my head and tripped up my feet (Luckily, I didn’t smack into anything this time).  Just as I missed my step, I exclaimed how lovely the flowers looked and now as I reminisce, I recall how just days before, I wrote this:


“…My response to having something taken away was to realize I had no particular “rights” to anything.  Instead of trying to hold on, I opened my heart to give all of me~ every day with everything.  I became an open vessel.  How do I explain this feeling?  I feel complete and lost at the same time.    I am filled with light and lost only in ways to share it completely.  I see the future as rainbows, the past as a meadow and the present as wildflowers~ Beautiful, unexpected, colorful, strange and wonderful wildflowers…”


~p.26 “Meet Me at Happy”


***Have a Blooming February***



Lily finds a home in the Shops at Saybrook Country Barn

That’s right, the whole Lily card rack, bookmarks, plaques, books, magnets and more!  You can visit and purchase Lily Cuckoo products in person!!!  Check out this very cool place and get directions at www.saybrookcountrybarn.com


Lily on the road, next stop:

      Saturday February 7th at Fields Memorial School in Bozrah, CT
      From 10am-3pm.  I will be here to meet, greet, hug, laugh, and be just a little wild and free… fields middle school bozrah ct – Google Maps


©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


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If you have read down this far, you are a beautiful, insightful spirit who lights up everything around you.  I think I will make this my secret space to share an extra tidbit or two to you.  This is my first newsletter to write after closing my store.  I must say, I feel very free!  And I have never been busier (my favorite thing to be!)  I hope people visit the Saybrook Country Barn!  I wonder if I could express my thanks somehow to anyone who buys a Lily product there~ yes, write me a note and I will send you a card or maybe a surprise back to you (we do love surprises!)  This is certainly a time for wildflowers.  I hope you find one around every corner.    

See you next month!

Let the Cuckoo out®

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