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Posted On August 27, 2009

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The Lily Connection

April 2009

Theme for the month:

Secrets, Tips and Mild Forms of Fantasy


Next to my desk, I have a special blue notebook where I record my dreams as soon as I wake up.  Reading through the pages, I find myself horse-back riding with my cat across the beach, on a dance floor inside a barber shop, and driving my car up a ribbon ride inside an amusement park factory building.  Yet, here I sit, in the strangest setting of them all~ this crazy scene, called “life”~ and what do you suppose I am doing?  I am floating on a cloud~ a cloud of calm curiosity and contentment.


If at this point, you are saying, “She’s crazy!”, I would first like to say, “thank you” and then say, behind the all-consuming picture that surrounds us is another scene waiting to be revealed.  Imagine for a moment with me.  Imagine life as a series of murals, painted life-like on a HUGE canvas, in a 360° format, so that at any given point in time, it seamlessly appears to be the current situation.  Now, picture somewhere up there in this mural is a little tear that is sticking out and you peek behind it and you are not sure what it is but it is definitely a piece of another picture under there.  Now this becomes very exciting, you know, like buying a painting and finding out if you tear that one away, hiding underneath is a masterpiece!  Well, this mural is just waiting for us to tear it away, so here we go!  In one sweeping motion we rip down the picture and crumble it up and now, it fantastically becomes a little speckled ball we can fit in the palm of our hands.  What do we choose to do with this little speckled ball?  We can hold out our hand and offer a prayer.  We can toss it in the trash, or we can add it to the little treasure box we have been keeping all of our little speckled balls for all of our lives.  Now, we look up to see what we have revealed.  A beautiful new scene surrounds us.  Imagine it any way you wish because this is your scene, your turn, your life.


***Happy Fantastical April***


Most Creative Answers to Survey Questions:

1)                Color:  I like kiwi green!  The brighter the better.  Sometimes I feel like khaki green but I like kiwi. ~Caroline

2)              Sweet Pea:  My husband (since we were ten) ~Betsy

3)              Holiday:  Just Imagine Day ~Suz

4)              Favorite Newsletter:  This one!  Reason- I say that about EVERY one that comes- each one is a special favorite as something I may need to “hear” is in it.”  ~Mary

5)              See more of:  Ways to overcome the current doom and gloom… ~B.

6)              New Beginning: The beginning of my focus on my career and my focus on MY happiness. ~Allison

7)              Wish:  To feel content more often.  ~Anne



This month’s theme:  de-coded :

Secrets: I have my moments when I feel scared.  Life is too beautiful to stay there, though.  Fragile moments help to remind us how human we are.

Tips:  Tips come in all shapes and sizes.  A big tip is opening your hands to the heavens and trusting all things happen for a reason even if we do not recognize the reason at the moment.  A little tip is enjoying the everyday joys in life like baking cookies and laughing and painting something inside your home to make it look new and pretty.  The most precious tip I can think of is to remember to do the little tips even in the middle of a big tip.  (Or should I say, especially in the middle of a big tip)  The shift in perspective is absolutely delightful and positively necessary. 

Mild Forms of Fantasy:  Do other peoples’ imaginations fly through space as mine does?  Life seems so arbitrary sometimes.  One day, a problem that seems as big as the Universe, the next day can fit in the palm of your hand.  That is why, at any given moment, I count my blessings, look straight into people’s eyes, and know that whatever appears to be the scene today may change tomorrow.  Better yet, know that your reaction to a scene can change it for the better.  If this is a fantasy, I will happily fly through life this way forever.


Thank you to every one who wrote in.  Everyone received a free bookmark in return, which is one of my favorite things to do!  Speaking of which, if you would like this month’s word-search puzzle emailed to you, click here and say, “send puzzle”:  lily@lilcuckoo.com 


Another suggestion that was sent in:  Include a Lily’s Life Lesson in every Newsletter. 

I wrote this especially for this month’s theme.

Lily’s Life Lesson #93



is a mix of

give and take.

Give to it

what fills your heart

and take

every opportunity

to give it more.


Lily made the news!  The Westerly Sun, Sunday edition March 22, 2009 and again in The Mystic River Press, Thursday, March 26, 2009.  When talking about Lily’s Life Lessons… “it’s clean thinking for your brain and a natural and healthy way of responding to the world.”



Lily on the road, next stops:
      Saturday April 11th

Craft Show at the Sobieski Club in Deep River
     The fair will be held outside on an adjacent grassy knoll on club property. In the event of inclement weather, the fair will be moved indoors to the banquet hall

 From 10am-4pm 

Directions:  Map for Sobieski John III Club


Saturday April 25th

 Friendship Frolic Event at

The Hartford/Windsor/Airport Marriott

Windsor, CT exit 38B off I 91

8:30 am – 4:00pm  


Thursday, April 30th

Ladies Night Out at

K’tanim Nursery School At Temple Beth Sholom

Map of 1809 Whitney Ave Hamden, CT by MapQuest

7PM – 10PM


the Shops at Saybrook Country Barn

If you are looking to buy Lily products, you will find my Lily books, cards, bookmarks, and more in the “Lily Department” of this beautiful shopping destination, which includes “everything for the home, furniture for every room and all the extras to make your house a home;”  as well as, a women’s boutique and restaurant.  Check it out and get directions at www.saybrookcountrybarn.com


©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


If this message has been forwarded to you and you would like to be added to the “Lily Connection” mailing list, click here:  lily@lilcuckoo.com  I would love to hear from you!  IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS WARMLY WELCOMED

Also find lily products on my web-site:  www.lilcuckoo.com

See you next month!


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