05/09 Inspiration From Lily and Cuckoo

The Lily Connection

May 2009

Theme for the month:

Why Wait?


Back in college, I had big dreams about lots of things.  One of them was to have a big Victorian-style house with huge rooms filled with an eclectic mix of my favorite things.  I even made a scrap-book of my dream house by cutting out pages from magazines showing rooms I would love to live in.  Personal scrap-books are a wonderful way to explore things truly important to you.  At the time, I also made a self-personality scrap-book (I can hear you laughing out there and you are right~ way too big a subject for here!)  Well, out of all the pages I collected, my biggest, most favorite eclectic treasure was a big old open hutch filled with mismatched china to use every day.  The desire to acquire a collection characterized by not matching may also be a clue into my personality, but nonetheless, this yearning has been with me all these years. 


Times change and so did I.  Instead of a big Victorian house, I find myself in a teeny 1950’s bungalow (which I love!)  Alas, I have never had space for a big old hutch filled with mismatched china.  Much to my delight, though, I have been picking up strange little china pieces and tucking them away in a cupboard to save for the big day~  the day I somehow magically find room for this hutch or build a whole new house around it.  Until that day, the green saucer, pink striped bowl, blue plate, and rose flowered cup wait safely behind the cupboard door.


One day, a few weeks ago, I decided to paint the little shelf in my kitchen above my paper-towel holder a nice, bright & cheery white.  And that is when it hit me~ why not put my favorite mismatched china pieces on the shelf to use every day!  After all these years~ I cannot believe I did not think of it before!  Well, out came the china (they were giggling, they were so happy!) and I get to see them every day.  I am not sure how this is possible, but food tastes better, the sun shines brighter, and dreams come true when mismatched pieces are brought together and put to use. 



***Have a Bright and Cheery Mismatched May***



Behind the theme: 

Strangely enough, I have been purposely seeking to wear mismatched outfits lately.  I didn’t think anything of it until I sat down and this month’s theme began to pour out.  And then I got to thinking about a certain triangle of friends who have inspired the most invigorating energy, not in spite of, but because of the most delightful mismatch of personalities.  Well, this is a lot of mismatching going on and it is no wonder my mind wanted to bring it all together.  Life does not wrap up in a pretty little box. There are wires sticking out and pieces that don’t fit coming out of everywhere.  When we begin to piece things together using the most unlikely sources, we tap into joys and talents we never even knew existed.  I was wondering when it would be time to put my jester outfit on.  The time is now.


Lily’s Life Lesson #95 



are like a carnival…

when two or more


get together,

It’s a three ring circus!


Behind the lesson: I wrote this lesson after my friend and I were told we were “tent people” (versus “table people”). 

I think we need to create our own circus.

Okay, this month I thought it would be fun to be very playful and offer a picture to color!  Remember how much fun it was to color?  Break out the crayons, markers or whatever you have on hand and PLAY!  Just like the puzzles, sending this page in with a self-addressed envelope will win you a free bookmark. 

Lily on the road, next stop:
      Saturday May 9th

3rd Annual Mother’s Day Craft Fair

Deep River Congregational Church

1 Church Street

Deep River, CT  06417

 From 9am-2pm 


the Shops at Saybrook Country Barn

If you are looking to buy Lily products, you will find my Lily books, cards, bookmarks, and more in the “Lily Department” of this beautiful shopping destination, which includes “everything for the home, furniture for every room and all the extras to make your house a home;”  as well as, a women’s boutique and restaurant.  Check it out and get directions at www.saybrookcountrybarn.com


Survey Question:  do you like the “behind the theme section,”

yes or no lily@lilcuckoo.com 


©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


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See you next month!



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