09/09 Inspiration From Lily and Cuckoo

The Lily Connection

September 2009

Theme for the month:



Life is like looking into a reflecting pool.  We are the mirror image of what we see.  You may be thinking, “What do you mean we are the image of what we see?  We are not looking in pools or mirrors every second of the day!  What is the meaning of this, you crazy lady!”  Okay, this may seem like a nonsense notion at first glance, but remember… sometimes, the craziest ideas are filled with the most truth.  Let us ponder this reflecting pool of life…


If you see hearts everywhere you look, you are filled with love and compassion for others.


If you see possibilities in the most unlikely places, you are filled with imagination and wonder.


If you see smiles in so many of the faces around you, you are filled with happy thoughts and goodwill.


If you see flowers both outdoors and in, you are filled with beauty and a rejuvenating spirit of growth.


If you see miracles, you are filled with faith.


You see, it is a symbiotic relationship.  Someone wrote to me last month:  “I love the way you express your joy.  Life is good if you CHOOSE to see it that way.”  Well, you know, many years ago, I chose to buy a house that sits on Joy Avenue and every time I walk down my hallway, I see a brass sign, spelling out the word, “JOY,” sunshine streaming through every letter.  The joy around me is a reflection of what I feel inside.  Or is it vice versa?  I am not sure which happened first~ choosing my surroundings or choosing to believe in goodness.  Seems to me, the beginning can happen anywhere.


***Reflect in Pools of Goodness This September***


I am dancing in lily fields over this NEW news to tell you!  I have a new interactive site called “Inspiration from Lily and Cuckoo” at wordpress.com!  Here, I have posted my newsletters going back to January of this year, and also included the most recent word puzzles.  You can share comments and stories, read past issues, and print the word puzzles, too!  I hope you visit.  Together, we make the world a brighter place.  It’s all about peace and happiness.  BE HAPPY.




Behind the theme: 

You are not going to believe this, (seems like I begin a lot of sentences this way!) but the idea for this month’s theme began when I was seeing carrots everywhere and then imagined myself a rascally rabbit!  You see, I have been eating carrots every day for lunch, munching on them as snacks, and subsequently spotting rabbits everywhere I turn.  I got to thinking about how carrots pose as a classic symbol for an incentive~ something to encourage you to go after what you really want.  I realized then and there.  What I feel and what I see is in constant synergy.  We have so much power in our minds to choose how we move through life.  We choose what is truly important, and then play the cards that are dealt.  I am still blown away by the energy in all of this.  What a wild ride.


Lily’s Life Lesson #94 

I will never forget

the day I


that life

is a choice.


You can choose

to make it beautiful.

Or not.


Choose Beautiful.




Lily on the road, next stops:

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Survey Question: 

When you look out at the world around you, what do you see?


Also, if you want to be a SOCK in my book, and have not written in already, you can check out the survey questions in the June issue:  https://inspirationfromlilyandcuckoo.wordpress.com/category/june-2009/


©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


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See you next month!


Let the Cuckoo out®

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