10/09 Inspiration from Lily and Cuckoo™

The Lily Connection

October 2009

Theme for the month:

The Daily Games We Play


I have a habit of giving inanimate objects the ability to think and feel.  You know, like bumping into a door and saying, “Excuse me,” as if the door was somehow hurt and requires some care and concern.  I always thought this reaction was funny and now it has become a game for me.  Like the other day when I was looking for my mop and where, oh, where could it be.  I went to close a door and there it was, hiding in the corner.  I heard it say, “Fooled you.  Fooled you.”   Then, this reminded me of a joke where these words sound something like “fooj yu.  fooj yu.”  And we had a good laugh over that.


I suppose I could go on to explain how weird I am to have an exchange with a mop, but instead I will continue with my purpose here, and that is to talk more about the daily games we play.  Remember the license plate game?  I play it all the time except now I make up new rules as I go.  Sometimes, the game is simply word association based on the letters I see on a plate.  Like, when I saw  “LCY,” I thought of “Lucy” and then sang the song, “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds,” right out loud.  As if I need more reason to let my mind wander!  But then there are the soulful associations… The other day, I was thinking about the grand scheme of life and what the future holds for me.  I looked over at a license plate with the letters “TBD.”  Hah!  “To be determined,” how perfect a message is that?  It’s like a cosmic magic 8 ball!


I do believe the games we play are telling us something.  I am still learning what that something is.  I have another “door” story to tell you.  Today I was frustrated and went in the bathroom and slammed the door.  I know~ you can’t picture me slamming a door, can you?  Well, you are so right, because I never did.  Well, actually, I couldn’t…  You see, the bathroom window was open and caused a circular draft to come through the room, so when I slammed the door, air from the other side was coming through with equal force.  As the door swished to get closed, the air swished it back open.  Talk about a tough break!  I didn’t even get to hear it slam.  You know what?  The door wasn’t supposed to slam.  I shouldn’t be slamming any doors.  I need to keep all my doors open.  Yes, the door swished and then my mind began to wander…  If life is a series of wishes, sometimes we need to switch wishes along the way.  So with the switch of a wish, I am swishing my life away.


***Happy Wish Switching October***


Behind the theme: 

I was riding in the car with my husband when I suddenly started talking about the arcade at the mall where I used to play “Pacman.”  He asked me, “Why on earth did you think of that??”  “Oh, that’s easy,” I said.  The letters, “PAC” was on a license plate… It’s a daily game I play…”   


I got to thinking… there are a lot of things going through our heads on a daily basis we never even say out loud!  Have you ever thought of this?  The train of thought that leads us to our present thought is leaps and bounds away from where the thought first started.  Our beautiful minds can take us on journeys we never expected and usually, seemingly, without our consent!  My strange and unusual mind tells me we can get in the middle of this somehow.  We can consciously play the game and add our own fun and positive spin along the way.  It’s like training the train our brain is on.  Some day I will tell you about the square piece of sky I found in my mind.  I think it requires more research on my part.  For now, it is just a little game I play…


Lily’s Life Lesson #99 


A playful heart

chases the

clouds away


when the sky


like a window in

your mind,

therein lies the door

 to your future.


Lily on the road, next stops:

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October 8, 2009

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Secret Place to say a little bit more:

I forgot to say the reason why I started to play the license plate game every day.  It started in the past year because I wanted to see my Dad’s initials, “WBL,” in a license plate.  He passed away in November 2007, but he is with me every day.  I have been looking for months and months and months and then decided to talk about my license plate game in this month’s newsletter.  And then, wouldn’t you know, yesterday, I saw it!!!  “WBL”  I took the turn up Brook St, heading up to Prospect Hill, and there it was right in front of me.  “Hi, Dad!”  


©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


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Let the Cuckoo out®

See you next month!


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