01-10 The Lily Connection

The Lily Connection

January 2010

Theme for the month:

That Little Something Extra…


As I was pondering this GRAND entry into the New Year, I thought, “What will I share with you?”  My next thought was to make this story extra Lily and extra light, so of course I wanted to think of something good and embarrassing. 


Back in September of this year, I lived one of the most memorable, treasured weekends of my life.  It was my weekend to sell my Lily books at the Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts, and my sister graciously offered to have me stay at her house with her family.  Two of my favorite places to be are out meeting new people with Lily, and being with my sister.  So you can see how this weekend was the tops for me.  After selling my books in the morning, my sister and I explored the fair.  The whole day had the zest and freshness of a child-hood adventure.  With the fullness of fun-filled exhaustion, we left the Big E well after the sun had set and retired back at the house.


Sunday morning arose as bright and cheery as the day before~ although some things are thrown a bit off kilter when you have not been away from home in a very long time.  For one, I felt strange in a different bed, to which I quickly amended by hugging the puppy I won earlier in the day.  And for another, I found I did not pack all the things I needed to accomplish my usual get-ready-in-the-morning routine.  I had washed my hair the day before, so this morning was my day to pile all my hair on top of my head while in the shower to keep it from getting wet (I didn’t want to arrive at my book-selling booth with a wet head!)  Alas, I could not find my scrunchie to get my hair up and out of the way.  I looked around to see if there was an elastic or absolutely anything I could use in its place.  Not a thing in sight… but wait!  I see the clean pair of underwear I brought into the bath with me.  They happen to be my special occasion, brand new pair of underwear I have worn only once!  Dare I use them as a scrunchie?  Yes, I dare say, that is exactly what I did!  Now, I consider these my make-do-make-it-happen-and-seize-the-day underwear.  I wear them any day I need that little something extra…


*** Seize the New Year, You Wonderful You***


Behind the theme: 

I was actually in the shower when the idea to write about this hit me!  (Most of my ideas come together that way)  And as always, every bit of the story is true!  My mind has been filled with a message to say~ “FLIP THE SWITCH AND TURN ON YOUR FUN.”  I was going to write a story about drawing the sun but an underwear story seemed much more strange and fun!  I actually have a few more underwear stories that are just as much “good, clean fun!”   For one, someone hearing this story thought I went out and spent the whole DAY wearing my underwear as a headband!  I do wear my heart on my sleeve, but not my underwear on my head!  Pantyhose do not count though, because I did, in fact, use pantyhose as ribbons in my hair.  It was my declaration of freedom, the day I cut up my panty-hose, vowing never to wear them again.  That is where lesson #5 came from!  If you ever doubted whether Lily’s lessons were real or not, rest assured.  Truth is always stranger than fiction.  I just couldn’t make this stuff up!


Lily’s Life Lesson #5:

The person who

devised sizes of

pantyhose must

have worked in a

broom factory.


Even the Queen

size looks like the

perfect slip-cover

for one of them.


Personally, I

would rather wear

them as hair



WORD SEARCH PUZZLE: Check it out in the Puzzle Section!

Did you notice that every word in these puzzles comes straight out of the story?  Kooky cool way to bring things together…


Survey Question:

What is your sun?

Okay here is the playful new challenge for you…

Draw, color, paint or create the sun using any medium you wish.  My dream is that we will LIGHT UP THE WORLD with the brightness of our suns.



Lily Bulletin Board:

SALE at the Lily web-site!  Buy one calendar–Get one free!


Looking for a speaker on the subject of positive thinking? 

Email me at lily@lilcuckoo.com

Have you written a book you want in print? 

Check out www.lilywishfactory.com



Secret Place to say a little bit more:

WOW.  What a year.  I thought it would be pretty cool to re-cap where we have been together in the Lily journey.  Here is where we traveled…


We threw out our common sense and looked beyond the obvious…


We opened our minds to the idea of wild possibilities and saw beautiful, unexpected, colorful, strange and wonderful wildflowers…


We made up our own holidays and marched in a parade on “Sweet Pea Day”…


We dove into secrets and mild forms of fantasy…


We mismatched our china, along with our friends, and found out that “tent people” have the most colorful time of them all…


We heard music in our heads, took our SOCKS for a walk, and explored the THEORY OF ECCENTRICITY…


We came into focus and discovered WE are the rays.  Sunshine.


We flew beyond the continuum of time to a happy place and explained everything under the SCIENCE OF CUCKOOOLOGY…


We chose to see JOY and reflect in pools of GOODNESS…


We reveled in the daily games we play and rejoiced in sweet memories…


We let the LIGHT shine and opened our minds to the optimum efficiency of open-ended direction…


We wrapped our arms around the beauty in life like a BIG PRESENT and with a “click” took a photograph we can remember forever.  BELIEVE…


As we move forward in our new year, 2010, may I so humbly say “thank you” for being a part of the journey…


It’s a good one.




©2010 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®



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Also find lily products on my web-site:  www.lilcuckoo.com


See you next month!


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