02-10 The Lily Connection

The Lily Connection 

February 2010 

Theme for the month: 

Opposites Attract 


My electro-cuckoo brain waves are zinging off the chart again…  I am stuck on this notion of the old saying, “opposites attract.”  Partly because this month is a celebration of Valentine’s Day and my sweetheart and me are about as opposite as you can get, but mostly because the idea keeps beating like a drum in my head against the new saying, “laws of attraction.”  (You know~ the “secret.”)  In the laws of the “secret,” I think, they say if you put an idea out into the universe, (especially a good idea that you hope for), the idea will then happen because you put it out there.  In other words, they say that good attracts good.  But wait~ what about the “opposites” law???  


The opposites law has been around for a long time!  I even looked it up to be sure and there it was in black and white.  Positive repels positive and negative repels negative.  And positive ATTRACTS negative and vice versa.  So, if you apply this concept to the laws of attraction, if you put out a positive idea, then it will attract negative on you!  Oh Dear!  Maybe this explains certain moments in my life… Like the time in grade-school, when I dressed up extra pretty in my white wool tights and plaid dress for the day of my oral report, only to walk up to the front of class with my dress tucked into my tights!  


So, what does this mean for us?  I’ll tell you one thing~ the minute I get too serious about anything, something really screwy happens and it turns into a comedy.  Now that has the “law of opposites” written all over it!  You know, now that I think of it, just when I need it, in come these crazy cool messages~ pictures, letters, collages~ messages come in all shapes and forms, you know.  I think, maybe, our sudden desire to shed joy on another is equally received by the perfect timing of having the other person need it.  Perhaps the “secret” is not in sending out the positive you wish for yourself, but the sincere desire to give hope to another.  Besides, isn’t it wonderful to realize you are already where you would rather be? 


***Sweetness of Heart for You this February*** 


Behind the theme:  

Okay, I will admit to you right here and now, I have not read “The Secret” and I only know bits and pieces from what I have heard.  If someone has an awesome story of how it works, write to me and let me know!  My questioning mind is exploring the universe with a fresh perspective.   EVERYTHING is open to interpretation!  I propose that the secret is not a one-sided quest, filled with achieving riches and jewels.  I think the secret of it all breathes in the light of it ALL~ the good, the bad, and the unpredictable!  If we can wrap our arms around all the opposites and contradictions, and still do the dance of JOY, that’s no secret~ that is what I call a celebration! 

Heart of Hope 

Know it is out there. 

Let the universe dance. 

All it takes is believing 

there is a chance. 



Behind the poem: 

I wrote this little ditty for someone near and dear and now it is available especially TO YOU.  I have a NEW product on my website, the perfect little gift to give to someone you wish a heart full of hope.  *comes with a STONE heart, POEM gift card inside a pretty fabric BAG* Heart of Hope 



Kooky cool way to bring things together… 



Lily Bulletin Board: 

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Secret Place to say a little bit more: 

Are there any “Dick Van Dyke” fans out there?  I adore that television show.  Now I can’t even find re-runs on T.V., but I remember most episodes by heart, anyway.  One comes to mind right now.  It’s the one where Laura spills the beans about Carl Reiner’s toupee on a game show and boy, is she in trouble!  In the end, Carl forgives her for revealing his secret and then Laura says, “You mean, you are glad I told?” and Carl says, “Look at this, not only do we have to forgive them for the destruction they cause but we actually have to be happy about it, too.  YES, I am happy you told.  Oh, happy days are here again.” 






©2010 Elizabeth L. Theodore  

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company® 



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And now I will leave you with one more thought.  When you say, “Take it easy,” and hold on to the sound of the “t” in the middle, it sounds like “Take a tizzy.”  So you can be opposite at the same time!  What a nut… 


See you next month! 


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