03-10 The Lily Connection

The Lily Connection 

March 2010 

Theme for the month: 

Lucky Cake and Dream Cream Frosting 


Some things are in a class all their own and as such, do not follow the rules of ordinary like the rest of us.  At least this is what my mind tells me~ ever since I was a kid I thought… 


Police cars are not ordinary cars, oh no.  Didn’t you know?  There is a special “Police Car Factory,” churning those things out black & white, just as you see them on the road.  And come to think of it, those little mail trucks have their own little factory, too.  And they don’t use regular gasoline, like you and me, oh no.  (Have you ever seen one pumping gas at the gas station?)  That is because they run on special air that comes from the hose, back at the factory. 


Yes, the ordinary things like pumping gas and driving ordinary cars are left for the rest of us… 




I see a comic book plot forming right in front of me… The evil, mundane menace is set out to sedate us with boring menus and uneventful conversation.  We are swept in a current of un-happenings and sad surroundings.  The power of our youthful minds is too strong!  The evil one cannot win in this one, oh no!  We are pulsating with memories of big adventures and tasty treats, like gumdrops and lollipops!  We are on the cusp of re-inventing our very purpose and delight for living!  It’s time for lucky cake and dream cream frosting! 


Here comes the cake NOW, flying like a saucer out of the sky.   It lands right on the table in front of us.  We take a big bite and lucky stars start shining in our minds.  When the frosting finishes getting down to our toes, we are light as a feather and we dance to a song that fills the air.  By golly, this is no ordinary day, I must say!  TODAY IS THE DAY, MY FRIENDS!  Today, we are having our cake and eating it, too!  You, LUCKY you! 



It’s a big 


PLAY in it. 


***Move, March, and Make It Magnificent*** 

“A jig is the jog to put jolly in the journey” 


Behind the theme:  

I think after too many years of denying myself sweets, I am floating on a milk chocolate cloud.  Seriously, I went 15 years without eating sugar and then rarely splurged… That is up until recently, when I dove head first into the chocolate fondue at my friend’s house!  She looked at me with eyes as wide as Mars at the sight of me eating chocolate fondue.  What has this experience taught me?  That chocolate is YUMMY, and it is about time I step out of the ordinary constraints I sometimes place myself in. 


Why else would my mind careen off into comic books and a day at play?  I will tell you!  I developed an after-school program for kids, based on my sock book (Oh, happy day!).  I will begin teaching in March and we are going to play, play, play!  Of course, we will be learning along the way (yes, we will) about the good things in life and how to help each other.  And then, we will play some more. 


By the way, I am thinking about going back to school.  Is there such a thing as “Cartoon College?” 



Like looking in a mirror… if this picture is not viewable, click here: 

 Comic Pictures « Inspirationfromlilyandcuckoo’s Blog 




If life was meant 

to be 

too serious, 


would be 

in black & white. 


~Lily’s Lollipop Moment #15 




Enough lessons… Time to play some more… 



Survey Question: 

If I had to describe myself to someone new, I would say I am a few dots short of my paint-by-number.  I do tend to make some flying leaps when it comes to connecting the dots, er making my point…  When I skip a few dots, do you fill them in or do my points look like a worded version of a Picasso? 


Another question- how many of you read all the way down to the secret place?  Just wondering… 


Lily Bulletin Board: 

Featured product this month:  my book, “Lily’s Lollipop Moments,” (the from where, of which the lesson above came from- although  I switched the illustration, crazy me!) this month only, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! 

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Secret Place to say a little bit more: 

Maybe this month’s theme should have been called, “perceptions.”  I met a woman recently who at first impression, seemed to have it really all together.  She was poised and confident with her long, wavy black hair and I dare-say, I even had a twinge of jealousy at the sight of her all-togetherness.  She had seemed to be out of the realm of ordinary~ above all that, somehow.  When I had the chance to be with her for a while, I learned.  She had her weaknesses.  But she did not become ordinary, oh no.  Instead, she raised me higher.  She let me become extra-ordinary, a comic-book heroine, in fact…  Fighting off the villains of hear-say and parading down the halls of laughter and unexpectedness.  I made her laugh.  Yes, our experience here on earth can be like a comic strip, one frame at a time.  Really, each frame is our frame of mind.  Change can happen day to day or even on the same page.  Changing our frame of mind is probably the number one, absolutely mind-blowing cool thing we have the power to do.  It is so powerful, it ranks right along side those comic book super-heroes.  Yes, if I were to name my comic strip, it would be called, “Cuckoo Nation,” and the quirky cuckoo would work endlessly opening up closed doors and windows so that we could all fly happy and free. 




©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore  

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company® 



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See you next month! 


“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  To be continued… 


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