04-10 The Lily Connection

The Lily Connection

April 2010

Theme for the month:

New Life


When I was eight years old, I went through a phase I call “The Pickle Juice Era.”  Yes, I was fascinated by the taste of pickle juice, and wanted to drink it like soda pop.  I was too young to know if this was good or bad for me, so luckily, I had my parents watching out for me.  My Dad turned “pickle juice” into both a game and a treat.  For that whole year, every day we had a very special ceremony.  I would retrieve a teaspoon from the drawer in the kitchen, Dad would dip it into the pickle juice jar and once a day, I got to have my teaspoon of pickle juice. 


I like to recall my pickle juice story because it is just one of the many queer, perhaps poignant, pieces of my life.  I am not sure how many eras we have in one life, but if I had to guess, I would say lots.  Right now, I am in “The Sunshine Era.”  Yes, for quite a little while now, I have been quite fascinated with the color yellow~ cups, cards, trinkets, coverlets, cover-alls, clothing… you name it.  If it is yellow, I am drawn to it like dew on a melon.  And if it has the image of sunshine, well, you guessed it.  LOVE IT.  Each item is like a beam of happiness lighting me up from the inside out.  Well, one of my most treasured pieces~ my dear buttercup yellow sweatpants~ reached such a worn out point, I thought they would begin to unravel right before my eyes.  But I couldn’t throw them out~ oh my!  Throwing them out would be like tossing the sun out with the trash, never to rise again!  Well, wouldn’t you know, just then, a series of wonderful things happened…


I was asked by a friend to repair a coat with a broken zipper.  Did you know that clothing manufacturers sometimes use an odd zipper size just so you can’t replace it when it breaks and you have to buy a whole new coat instead?  I didn’t either until I went to the fabric store and found I could not buy the right size zipper.  How dare those manufacturers!  When I explained all of this to my friend, I also told her about a custom-made zipper company right here in Connecticut.  The zippers are a little pricey, but they can make a zipper to fit.  She said “Of course,” so I did, and it’s in, and voilà~ the coat now has a new life.


Right around this time, I happened to be hosting a TAG SALE at my house.  All of the old things hiding in my dark attic were now sprinkled across my lawn in the light of day.  There is no better way to give something a new life than to let it live on in someone else’s idea of usefulness.  My old dress-form, once used to design my wedding dress twenty-three years ago, is now a twelve-year old girl’s new beginning in learning how to sew.  So many beautiful stories sprung up that day.  Indeed, when the beauty of something takes on a life of its own, that’s when you know it needs to live on.  And that’s when the idea hit me.  I grabbed an old shirt off the blanket on the lawn and came into the house to create “sunshine pants.”  Giving these old sweatpants a new life feels like BURSTS of happiness to me!  Every day should have such a bright spot like this.  Yes, I think a teaspoon of sunshine each day feels just about right to me. 



***Pop Up Some Sunshine for Yourself This April***





My Sunshine pants… if this picture is not viewable, click here:

Crazy, Cool and Curious « Inspirationfromlilyandcuckoo’s Blog


Behind the theme: 

The other day, I was reading the Funnies in the paper (another poignant fact, perhaps?) and one of the cartoons made a joke about the days when we actually FIXED a television set instead of going out and buying a new one.  (The need for a new picture tube- Remember?)  I don’t know about you, but I laughed and then I thought, “WHOAH,” what a huge concept!  That’s when I thought, in a time when everything gets replaced so easily, let’s make them new again instead.


I had forgotten how much I loved to take things apart and make them new again…  My little Singer sewing machine has had more use in the last month than it has in years and it feels wonderful! 


Lily Bulletin Board:

My love for sewing and crafting and making things new again has inspired me to include “hands-on” craft projects in my public appearances.  If you know of a group looking for positive self-expression through crafts, please write to me at lily@lilcuckoo.com and for a list of some of the many projects offered, click here: Let the Crafty Cuckoo Out- Positive Expression Workshops « Inspirationfromlilyandcuckoo’s Blog


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Secret Place to say a little bit more:

Sometimes I wonder… When I finished my sunshine pants and had them on, my husband looked at me and smiled in the most adorable way, and I just knew.  My beams of happiness bounced off his eyes and came right back to me, like a boomerang.  If something so simple and so quirky can feel so delightful, well, then it must be shared.  And so I did.


And what about the pickle juice?  “Pickle juice!?”  You may be asking, why did I include that story here?  Well, for one, it is just plain weird, and that is a good reason in and of itself.  And two, it was indeed a phase I went through.  And now that I think of it, the refrigerator that stored this pickle juice jar was one of those ice-boxes that stood 4 foot tall and had rounded corners.  The kind of ice-box that had LAYERS of ice in the freezer section to the point that you could not FIT an actual item in there to freeze!  And if you can imagine this kind of ice-box, then you can imagine when you walked from this kitchen into the living room, you had the kind of T.V. that had a PICTURE TUBE you could replace!  So, you see, my mind is back in time, as it so often is, and intermingled with the present and everything I see and think and do.  What once was a teaspoon of pickle juice is now a teaspoon of sunshine and when I think about it, things do not change too much with time, after all.

©2010 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


11 simple ways to breathe in happiness every day, written by the original lil cuckoo :

1.)           The very minute you open your eyes, remember, you have just been given a gift to take advantage of.  You have just been blessed with a new day.

2.)           The very next thing to do is look around for someone or something to show your love.  This morning, I kissed my cat.

3.)           Give yourself a little treat.  Fresh cinnamon sprinkled on coffee sounds nice.

4.)           Give yourself completely to chores that need to be done.  No complaining or dragging your heels… if it is a matter of need and it is in your life, you own it.  Do it happily.  Whatever it is, all is better for having it done.

5.)           Laugh at silly things.  Make jokes.  Play a little.  Try to do one thing each day that makes you look a bit like a fool- it’s an adrenaline rush, I tell you!

6.)           Let go of big worries that are simply too big and beyond your control.  If it helps to visualize, put the worry inside a big yellow balloon and let it fly away high into the sky.

7.)           Follow through with the smaller worries that you do have control over.  Think of something you can do to make something better and then do it!  No more thinking, just DO.

8.)           Allow yourself free expression.   Perhaps even challenge yourself to experiment with more expression.  Paint, talk, take pictures, cook… whatever it is, do some of it every day.

9.)           SLOW DOWN.  Enjoy the very little things.  One way I know to see if I am at a good pace is that I am conscious of my breathing several times throughout the day.  Nice, big breaths in and slowly exhale.  Ahhh.  That is a breath of happiness, my friends!

10.)    Believe in something- anything- that is bigger than you.  When you fill your heart with faith, life feels like a ride on angel’s wings.

11.)    Keep an open mind.  What is true today may be its opposite tomorrow.  Just another way to keep us on our toes, I say.  Happy toes, that is.  ©2010 http://www.lilcukoo.com

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See you next month!

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