06-10 The Lily Connection June 2010

The Lily Connection

June 2010

Theme for the month:

Happy Toes


It’s finally here.  The season of naked feet, fragrant air and smiling attitudes.  Trying to describe this time of year is like trying to get inside a big huge grapefruit.  It is so juicy inside, to fully describe the experience of being “in it” is just too incredible for anyone to believe!  And so, this is my feeling as we dive head first into the awesome, delectable, juicy-fruit riding wave of summer.


I actually started a book a while back I was going to name, “I Come from the Land of Flip-Flops.”  My idea was to capture a particular point of view as if my toes (in flip-flops) were navigating the steps I took.  And with every step I took, of course I took you with me.  As you can imagine, we felt very free indeed!  This reminds me… You know the thing that happens when you become cognizant of something in particular and then you begin to see it everywhere?  Well, I happened to notice a dog riding in the passenger seat of a convertible the other day, propped up with two paws on the windshield, ears flying, and you know what?  I have seen a dog’s face enjoying the glory of being outside a car window every day since!!! 


And every time I see a dog catching some breeze outside that car window, I think it is smiling.  It doesn’t matter what breed of dog, no, it doesn’t matter at all.  These puppies are HAPPY!  If we put ourselves in their paws (instead of shoes, don’t you know), I would say it is such a blast because all of our senses are being delighted.  The rush of the wind, the sights to see and boy oh boy the many smells, indeed!  Well, I do declare~ this brings us right back to the story.  Because, THIS is what it feels like to face the day like an adventure with our flip flops on!  I did not know when I started to write this month that we would be comparing ourselves to dogs riding cars, but I guess if the paw fits we should start wagging.


May your horizon be bright,

The winds, just right

With fun well on its way.

This is the time.

Yes, exactly the time

to make it a



Behind the theme: 

I don’t know about you but it seems the flowers are traveling an inch under my nose everywhere I go.  This bouquet even follows me right into my house and as I sit at this very moment, it is filling up my head with swirls of the sweetest scents ever.  Mix that around with warm breezes and the taste of hot fudge sundaes and I feel downright dizzy with all this deliciousness! 

All around me, the sights of the season are making happy pictures in my mind.  Like watching a bird take a bath in a puddle, seeing colorful new vegetation pop up all over, and of course, happy puppies peeking out of car windows!  But I think the happiest part of it all is that my toes are free to wiggle, and that means two things.  One, I am really, really weird; and two, I was just really, really ready for this time of year to happen! 



Lily Bulletin Board:

 I really did start a book called “I come from the Land Of Flip-Flops,” which I changed and expanded to “Meet Me at Happy,” which I just recently tweaked and completed to be:  “HAPPY TOES!”  If you would like to SEE the Happy Toes book and perhaps buy a copy for yourself or a friend, OH HECK, why not, if you buy a Happy Toes book THIS MONTH ONLY, I will send you an extra copy to keep or give to a friend! 

2 books for the price of ONE- OH HAPPY DAY!

Happy Toes Book – Lil Cuckoo Co inspirational unique gifts






VIEW AND PRINT the puzzle at my new interactive site:  Inspirationfromlilyandcuckoo’s Blog


Secret Place to say a little bit more:

Today I walked up to my husband with a towel, fresh from the dryer, and stuck it under his nose.  I said, “Sometimes it’s good to fill your head with nice, fluffy thoughts,”


 I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be, because he is not exactly the “fluffy thoughts” kind of guy.  I took the towel away and waited for a reaction.  This is what he said:


“Do it again.”


And then I got to thinking…


Every month when we get together here, it is like getting a fresh towel in the face.  It fills our heads with nice, fluffy thoughts…


What a wonderful way to feel~

See you next month!




©2010 Elizabeth L. Theodore, Author and dreamer of the

Lil Cuckoo Co.
Crazy Cool Happiness
from the Inside Out.

P.O. Box 288
Mystic, CT 06355

Lil Cuckoo Mission Statement: To share the happiness and pure joy in life through a free flowing spirit of hope, love, laughter, and oh yes, just a little bit of cuckoo…

SMILE… Everything around you lights up when you smile. ~ E.L. Theodore

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