The Lily Connection July 2010

The Lily Connection

July 2010

Theme for the month:

The Epiphany

It doesn’t happen every day, but sometimes a beautiful, interesting “WOW I NEVER THOUGHT OF IT THAT WAY” moment happens and you think, “This is way cool!  My life is changed forever!!!”  You would think if it was that big a deal, it would stay forever planted in your brain so that you could enjoy it over and over.  Well, I found out it does NOT stay forever planted in your brain.  The only reason I know this is because luckily, when an epiphany happens, I have a fleeting thought to make a note of it.  Sometimes when I come across these notes, I am blown away by the way my mind actually figured something out and then the next thing that blows me away is how easily I forgot all about it.

What happened in the meantime?  A million other thoughts went whizzing through my mind, that’s what!  It is no wonder we can’t remember it all.  You know, Einstein said, “Why remember when you can write it down instead?”  Here is something I wrote down a very long time ago…

“It is my birthday in a few weeks, and I am now sixteen.  Would you send me card saying “Happy seventeenth birthday” or “Happy fifteenth birthday?”  First, you would have to find out if I was “coming” or “going.”

What if when you reached the age of eighty, you began to decrease in age, and go back to age one?  If I was “coming,” it would mean that I have not yet reached eighty, and I will be turning seventeen.  If I was “going…

At this point on the page, it appears I started to play a game with my younger brother.  I am so happy I discovered this little note from my past because it taught me two things.  One, some very big ideas can play on a mind, no matter what your age; and Two, apparently in the middle of an epiphany, there is always time for a game. 

***Play In The Wonder Of It All This JULY ***

Behind the theme: 

I love this little note for so many reasons.  I found it in a file with my name on it, among my Dad’s things.  The idea that my Dad saved it for almost thirty years feels like I drifted back in time with a kiss on my forehead as I drifted off to sleep.  It must have struck a chord with him, just as it does to me now.  I can’t believe at sixteen I could imagine my mind going back down in age.  These past few years, months, (days, even!) I have made a regular routine out of it!

I can’t help but think of what I wrote in the forward of my “Lollipop Moments” book.  It feels like everything I am reminded of…

“I spent a lot of years growing up and I guess you could say that now I am growing back down.  I am getting back in touch with the simpler, more important elements in life.  Like, laughing as often as possible and wishing to my heart’s content.  As serious as life can be, we can actually manage it quite playfully and what a happy place it is to be.”

Lily’s Highlight for this Month::

Simple truths from a playful point of view…

Lily’s Lollipop Moments Book – Lil Cuckoo Co inspirational unique gifts

Am I crazy?

This key to happiness I found is like a little seed.  A little window inside my brain and it always stays open to let the light and air in.  If it starts to get closed, it is not allowed to close, no!  Blow on it or take a breath or smile and let it flutter back open.  It needs to always be open.  It is the tunnel to the Universe.  It is the open door to all things that is and ever was and ever will be.  Breathe it in.

Monday, September 7, 2009

An “Epiphany” from a Lily reader:


It’s funny…everyone always says not to put the cart before the horse…your Lily moment was the first time I had ever heard/read anyone say to hell with that, it’s okay to put the cart before the horse!  Because you’re right…we’ll talk ourselves out of whatever the cart represents, every time.  So the cart is there, now let’s hope the horse follows! 🙂

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