08-10 The Lily Connection “Almost Perfect”

The Lily Connection

August 2010

Theme for the month:

Almost Perfect


Way back when I first started drawing cartoons for Lily- back to Lesson number one- I had what I referred to as a “perfection perplextion.”  If you don’t know what that phrase means, it’s okay.  I made it up.  It means “a certain frustration surrounding the idea of achieving perfection or the fundamental unimportance, perhaps to the detriment, thereof.”  Philosophically speaking, it is the “To Be or Not to Be” of perfection.  In other words, should we desire to be perfect, or not?


My first drawing was that of a dress… with purple socks peeking out under the hem.  I drew the outline countless times and kept smudging my black marker in one place or another.  I drew the dress over and over again, always with one little flaw.  I found it hard to move on, until I decided that every drawing I was to do, I would allow one little flaw, and for this dress, that was the one.  Believe it or not, this was a breakthrough moment for me!  Allowing that one little flaw opened up a whole new world.


Now, most of my drawings are first draft and done!  I don’t even see the little flaws anymore because my eyes have changed.  I have changed.  Everything around me has changed into a beautiful medley of sights, sounds and visions just as they are.  I suppose there is something to be said for exerting meticulous effort into something in order to achieve perfection.  As for me, I happily trade that in for the effortless act of self expression and it feels pretty perfect to me.


***Enjoy * Explore * Express Yourself this August ***



Lily’s Life Lesson #32


is highly



I would rather live

in the moment, than

try to re-write it

to my own definition.


That moment

was made perfect

just for you

before you even

got there.



Behind the theme: 

I have been more philosophical than usual lately (is that even possible?  I mean, I am really, really philosophical…).  Yesterday my husband was expressing his thoughts about leading a happy life after he read someone’s interpretation which said, “to be happy, healthy and successful.”  With one swift click in his mind, he said it was rather, “to live a healthy, happy and productive life.”


I did not say anything at the time, but made a mental note if its significance.  In his mind, being productive trumped being successful.  I think this is pretty cool, because when you think about it, what is success anyway?  How do we know we have achieved it?  Being successful actually requires a definition, whereas being productive is a reward in and of itself.  One more thing~ when that thing you are producing feels like effortless self-expression?  I would say it is more than perfect.   It is downright bliss.


Lily’s Highlight for this Month:



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Secret Place to say a little bit more:


If you are reading this, you are intrigued and overjoyed with the mysteries of the Universe.  Oh, Yes, you are!  Together, we are sprinkling joy through the air and airwaves, spreading sunshine in more places than once was thought possible.  It is a glorious adventure, for sure.  And these lessons we learn do not come and then leave us, just like that, oh no.  We learn them over and over again.  Take this whole perfection lesson, as an example.  I thought I learned this lesson upside down and backwards way back when I wrote about it.  And what do you know, just two days ago, it popped right out and mushed up my whole head!  It happened when I was painting a wall (which somehow, I have lived my whole life without due experience in painting walls).  If you have any knowledge on this subject, you may know that if you go back and try to touch over a spot (to make it more perfect, don’t you know) that you actually achieve the punishment of lifting the paint up and making the spot worse for the wear!  OH MY GOODNESS, I thought I would just burst from these imperfections.  Well, I had to learn my perfection lesson over again and give myself a little bit of a break, don’t you know.  Because even if I never achieve perfection, somehow I feel more than okay with that.  That’s what second coats and dim lights are for… 

Secret Secret Place to say a little bit more:

I am going to see if I can wrap up this month with a big multi-colored bow.  We all have things we must do either by obligation or by perception that do not exactly come easily.  For these things that seem to grate on our nerves, trying to achieve perfection at it only seems to make it worse (like my painted wall).  Whereas something you do that lets your talents show through, when your mind feels engaged, excited and as light as a feather, THAT feels like perfection no matter what.  So, what I am trying to say is this.  Maybe you need to paint some walls but while you are at it, give yourself a break and then go draw some CARTOONS!

PHEW!  This is the most exhilarating lesson of them all because in order to achieve it, you need to completely abandon it and when you do, there you are.

See you next month!

©2010 Elizabeth L. Theodore, Author and dreamer of the

Lil Cuckoo Co.
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from the Inside Out.

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Mystic, CT 06355

Lil Cuckoo Mission Statement: To share the happiness and pure joy in life through a free flowing spirit of hope, love, laughter, and oh yes, just a little bit of cuckoo…

SMILE… Everything around you lights up when you smile. ~ E.L. Theodore

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