The Lily Connection December 2010

The Lily Connection

December 2010

Theme for the month:

A Patchwork of Pieces


Sometimes we just need something to hold on to… 


I have a friend whose time had come to retire from a profession she equally fretted over and adored.  I sensed a certain reluctance she had, moving into a new phase of life, and this played in my mind as I thought about what gift to give her.  I wanted my gift to be both a celebration for the new experiences that awaited her and an honor of past accomplishments.


I kept thinking, life is a scatter-patch of phases, like the patchwork pieces of a quilt.  These are the pieces of our lives that stitch together to make us who we are.  When all of these pieces are embraced~ no matter what they look like or how we may think they fit with the rest of the pieces~ then we have a quilt filled with love.  And so my gift idea hit me, just as I drifted to sleep.  I would make my friend a pillow of patchwork pieces in the shape of a heart.


I dove into my project the next day and boy, was it fun!  I picked all sorts of fabrics that I would never usually put together, just for the added effect.  I had tropical prints, next to polka dots, and pastels next to brights!  Oh, the craziness of it all!  I stitched this heart full of love together and when it was done, presented my creation to my husband for a first reaction.  He took one look and started to laugh.  Perfect.  My mission had been accomplished.


When I presented this gift to my friend, it was received with equal amounts of surprise and delight.  I made sure to explain it was the perfect size to give it a hug, if the mood ever struck her.  I also made a casual comment that the brown satin striped fabric in the middle reminded me of her office chair.  Later, I happened to glance at her from across the room, holding the pillow, her hand gently moving over that brown satin striped piece in the middle.  This pillow seemed to embrace the fabrics of her life and it got me thinking…


I got to thinking about my own life and all the phases in there, and you know, sometimes it’s hard to embrace ALL the pieces, because sometimes you get a piece that doesn’t fit quite right with all the rest.  But you know what?  Just like that quirky mango-colored floral you place in the middle of your nice, petite prints, it GOES there~ it just IS and it may just become the focal point of the whole creation.  Do you see what I mean?  Everything is stitched together~ all these pieces of who we are and what we do and what we accomplish as we travel through life and it doesn’t have to be too hard at all.  And all the best pieces are the crazy pieces and when you stand back and look at this quilt~ that is, “the quilt of your life”~ I hope you say WOW, I can’t believe how many strange pieces came together in there.  Let’s see what else I can add to it!


*** Celebrate the Patchwork of Pieces this December ***


Behind the theme:

Wow.  So many connections came together for this month.  I was in a craft show recently and met a fellow crafter who kept admiring the two old quilts I made years ago that I was using as table coverings.  The number of times she remarked on my quilts throughout the day really touched me.  What touched me most was that I had forgotten to appreciate the beauty of my quilts.  The work I had put into them years ago was a distant memory and now I was using them as a utility item.  And then I had a very engaging exchange with a clever patron who happened to also be a psychologist.  I love have clever exchanges with psychologists!  Anyway, he paused on my Lily Lesson #20 and said the weeds needed some love, too.  And that’s when it hit me!  We need to give love to ALL the pieces of ourselves- the blooms AND the weeds- and stitch all the patchwork pieces together with love.  It sort of feels like giving yourself a big hug!


The Sharing Place:

I can’t resist sharing this quote I came across a few days ago…

“Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth… Happiness comes from giving, not getting. If we try hard to bring happiness to others, we cannot stop it from coming to us also. To get joy, we must give it, and to keep joy, we must scatter it.” – John Templeton

The Happy Place:


I call the Lily web-site the “happy place” because when you get there, you are. 


SHARING LILY~ MAKES THE WORLD A LITTLE MORE LOVEY-DOVEY IN A CHRISTMAS SPIRIT SORT OF WAY!  DECEMBER SPECIAL~ 10 pack specials of CHRISTMAS CARDS!  (Choose from 3 different styles) This month’s lesson is the newest Lily Christmas card! 





Lily’s Life Lesson #105


Is a


Of pieces






The Secret Place to say a little bit more:


Oh my goodness, another piece of this whole connection has to do with a dream I had… and the fact that when I was talking to that very clever and interesting psychologist at the craft show, I told him about this dream!  Okay, here goes.  In my dream, I was back in school.  I was bustling down the hallway, arms filled with books and things, thinking about the play I was going to perform in that night when suddenly I bumped into a friend.  And I don’t mean I bumped into my friend as if to say, “oh, hello, friend,”  I mean I BUMPED into my friend, books flying and me ending up on the floor, flat on my back!


My friend asked how I was, and I was still talking to myself, streaming off a list of things I needed to do- I must have sounded like a crazy person!  My friend was very calm and asked me point blank, “What is really going on here?”  I said, “Well, most of all, I am really nervous about this play tonight.  I am really scared I don’t know my lines.  Actually, right now, I feel like I never rehearsed at all and I do not know one line at all.  I really should have practiced more.”


Then my friend said something to me with the most deliberate, all-knowing, almost majestic sounding words I think I ever heard.  My friend said,


 “You do not need to practice your lines.  They are already inside of you.”


And that is my Merry Holiday message to you!!!!

Be who you are and embrace your circle of LOVE this GLORIOUS HOLIDAY SEASON!!!


I just thought of something!!!!!!

If my life is a patchwork of pieces,

That would make me a CRAZY QUILT…

Ho Ho Ho and See you next YEAR!


©2010 Elizabeth L. Theodore

 Author and dreamer of the

Lil Cuckoo Co.
Crazy Cool Happiness
from the Inside Out.

P.O. Box 288
Mystic, CT 06355

Lil Cuckoo Mission Statement: To share the happiness and pure joy in life through a free flowing spirit of hope, love, laughter, and oh yes, just a little bit of cuckoo…

SMILE… Everything around you lights up when you smile. ~ E.L. Theodore


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