The Lily Connection April 2011

The Lily Connection

April 2011

Theme for the month:


It happens every year around this time~ time to change the clocks.  And we have so much buzz over this topic, don’t we?  First we quiz each other.  “Which way do we move them?”  “Is it back or ahead?”  Then we have the philosophical discussion about whether it is a good idea or not.  I was in the middle of one of those conversations when the other person lamented, “Oh, this is when we lose an hour…”  And I said, “No, this is when we gain an hour… of sunshine!”


Perky little thing that I am….


But of course I forgot how DARK it becomes in the morning while the natural rotation of the solar system catches up with the idea we had in mind.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I just want to keep sleeping in my dark little cocoon for a while longer!  So this ‘darker earlier’ bit of business is a bit of a curmudgeon, if you know what I mean!  So, let’s see, what can we do to bring more sunshine into our mornings?


Of course, one obvious answer is to sleep longer to match the rising sun, but that is not always practical.  No, we have obligations to meet, my friends!  Yes, indeed, obligations.  Which actually leads me to thinking about a good way to get motivated first thing, and it actually involves obligations.  Of course we need to put a positive spin on it, as there are always two ways of looking at anything. And an obligation is no different.  My cat lets me know my obligation to feed him every morning.  Like clockwork, he paces up and down, letting me know it is time for me to feed him.  And I don’t mean he paces on the floor near the bed, or even on top of the bed.  No, he paces up and down on ME!  From the tips of my feet, to the top of my chest.  And then he sits there, on top of my chest, and stares at my face.  Even with my eyes closed, I can feel him staring at me. And if I don’t get up at that very moment, he turns around and does it all over again.  And over again.  And over again.  Well, the best way I look at this obligation is to think about the amusing side of the situation.  And also the joyous side.  Like the way he flops over his food bowl when he sees those yummy morsels go in and then he starts to purr.  To see this brings me joy.  In my calculation, JOY = SUNSHINE, so there we have it!  Find something that brings you joy first thing in the morning, and no matter what, you have your own little piece of sunshine to carry with you throughout the day.  And we all know that more sunshine means more rays of happiness!  YES!  We just gained our extra hour of sunshine!  I love it when that happens!   


*** Get Up and Have Some Happy Sunshine Mornin’s this April***


Behind the theme:

First of all, my cat really did help me to see sunshine first thing in the morning even though it is dark outside!  But the real reason I decided to write about this whole time change stuff is because of my cuckoo clock.  As you all know, my cuckoo clock means quite a lot to me.  Not only because it CUCKOO’S, and creates never-ending opportunities for my husband to make jokes about it calling to me, and that my parents gave it to us as an anniversary gift many years ago and how it is just like the one I grew up with in my childhood home but because it has become like the “heartbeat” of our home.  To have it not tick is unthinkable.  Well, a few weeks ago, it DID stop ticking and I went into a dither.  Thankfully, Glen cleaned it and got it ticking again, except for one thing.  The time was off by one hour (an hour ahead, that is) and I didn’t have the heart to stop it even for a second to change it.  (You know, this reminds me of a clock we had in our living room when I was growing up.  Nobody ever changed it when Daylight Savings came and went, so it was right for only half the year.  Whenever the time of year rolled around to where the time would now be correct, we all got quite a kick out of it… as if the Universe had now decided to be perfectly aligned with the timepiece of our house.  How funny we are in our quirkiness, aren’t we?)  And so, now you can see how absolutely joyous I am because now that Daylight Savings is here, my Cuckoo is back to being the correct time and the heartbeat of our home is back in harmony!  It feels like now, at this very moment in time, it is time for all things to align and the most precious and purposeful things will fall right into place.  We just need to be aware of our most meaningful hopes and dreams and NOW, now is the time they will be realized in the light of day.  A bright and sun-shiny day awaits us all!

The Fortune Cookie:

This is a new section where I will share a fortune with you!  I got the idea when I was eating Chinese the other night…


This April 2011, Lily says:


“Live the Life that makes you happy.”

©2011 The Lily Connection








The Secret Place to say a little bit more:


Something you may not know is that Glen rarely knows what I write about.  We share all our hopes and dreams but my written word, not so much…  It’s okay, though, because even if he doesn’t read it, he hears it in the daily chatter that coexists between us.  We are a synthesis.  Without any knowledge of what I wrote for this month’s newsletter, the night I finished writing it, he said to me as I kissed him good-night, “Now, have lots of dreams about sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.”  No wonder I woke up filled with all this sunshine and happiness!  Always remember…. When you surround yourself with things you love, the secret of life comes to be.



See you next month!


©2011 Elizabeth L. Theodore  

 Author and dreamer of the

Lil Cuckoo Co.
Crazy Cool Happiness
from the Inside Out.

P.O. Box 288
Mystic, CT 06355

Lil Cuckoo Mission Statement: To share the happiness and pure joy in life through a free flowing spirit of hope, love, laughter, and oh yes, just a little bit of cuckoo…

SMILE… Everything around you lights up when you smile. ~ E.L. Theodore



Let the cuckoo out.®

©2011 Elizabeth L. Theodore  

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