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The Lily Connection

December 2009

Theme for the month:



I imagine every time I see something beautiful, all I have to do is say, “Click” and the scene will stay in my memory forever like a photograph.  This comes in very handy when I don’t happen to have a camera in my pocket.  Although I do get some strange looks when I say the word, “Click” out loud and in the presence of others for no apparent reason. 


Ever since I decided to write this newsletter, I have been seeing the word, “Click” everywhere!  How does this happen?  Do words follow me around like puppies on a leash?  The other title in my mind was, “On Purpose, By Accident.”  Maybe seeing “click” over and over was by accident but I think it was more on purpose.  Is there such a thing as an accident or is everything purposely laid out by some divine plan?  Have you noticed I am asking more questions than giving answers at this moment?  Did you know that another theme I had in mind to write was called, “Questions?”


Whoa.  I think it’s time to reel this thing in!  I think what I am trying to say is this.  Life is filled with a mix of mysteries~ some magical and some, not so much.  I don’t know why things happen the way they do.  What I do know is that when we fill our minds with images of goodness, our very purpose is only the most hopeful kind and really, there are no accidents.  The other day, I was cleaning out my attic because I couldn’t find a thing up there.  I was particularly proud of the way I organized the Christmas decorations.  The next morning when I was leaving the house, imagine my surprise when I looked up at the attic window and saw where a sign had landed. 




 ***Merry Christmas to You and Yours***


Behind the theme: 

For more “behind the theme,” you really need to read “behind the lesson,” because that’s where it all popped out!  Here I will say, the name “Imaginings” came from the last word in a beautiful message my sister sent to me.  And the “click things” have been happening for quite some time now…  It usually happens when I see a quintessential experience~ like my cat sitting on the front deck, bathing in sunshine; or the look on two peoples’ faces who share a common bond.  Really, it is the beautiful life around us.  It is the people and all the beautiful things around us everywhere.  Am I crazy to be so sentimental over it all???    I wish I could photograph every image I see that is beautiful every day!  It would be thousands and thousands of pictures!  I would throw them up as confetti every day and shout look, look, this is the beauty all around us!  Oh my goodness, thank you for being a part of this magical ride and merry, merry Christmas!  See you next year!


Lily’s Life Lesson #101 


There once was a crazy lady

who lived in a crazy house.

She had a crazy cat

who was friends with a crazy mouse.

She had a crazy idea

that happiness depends on

where you choose to sit.

And this is where she found it…

inside her crazy house,

next to her crazy cat,

next to a crazy mouse.


Behind the Lesson:

I actually wrote this crazy little poem as a cross-stitch sampler back in 1994.  I went through a spell of designing samplers and selling the designs~ I even had customers ordering from England!  Anyway, lately I have been “clicking” images and pictures of my dear, crazy cat Kimba, who is eighteen years young.  Oddly enough, he has taken to walking outside at night.  Protective, crazy lady that I am, I walk five feet behind him with flashlight in hand.  (Hence the image of puppies and a leash, but the real version is cat and flashlight)  My mind is filled with being sentimental and crazy and loving my cat, so I just had to bring it all together with this poem.  After I pop in a cartoon Christmas tree, it is going to be my Christmas card this year!


Merry Christmas


Lily Bulletin Board:

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Survey Question:

Just in case you missed it, some people have signed up for “mini newsletters” coming out~ you guessed it~ in the middle of the month.  There is no format yet~ it will take shape as we go!  Let me know if you want to be on the list!  I am having a contest to name it (so it isn’t the same name as this newsletter, which is staying the same on the first of the month).  If you come up with the title I choose, you win a FREE 2010 calendar!  By the way if you would like to purchase a 2010 calendar, they are available for sale on my website!  (Also included in the buy one get one free) It’s a great way to SHARE THE SPIRIT of GOODNESS all year long! 


Secret Place to say a little bit more:

I don’t know about you, but I simply ADORE photographs!  I used to take a roll of film on every outing and I have albums and albums all in order and labeled.  It is a trait I am very happy to have inherited.  Sometimes when I am quiet and I close my eyes, one of my favorite photographs will come clear in my mind and I smile.  I used to think that things never really happened unless it was captured in a photograph!  I guess I just never want to forget because I AM that sentimental and I want to hold onto these precious everyday moments forever.  I AM crazy, aren’t I?  But you know what?  Every day when I see these beautiful images~ especially when I leave my house and look up at that attic window~ I giggle.


 ©2009 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the Lil Cuckoo Company®


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See you next YEAR!


Bless you with a happy, heart-filled spirit of goodness all over.

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