The Weekly Do


The Weekly Do

Happy Things to Think and Do

©2010 Elizabeth L. Theodore 

Author and dreamer of the LCC, Let the Cuckoo out®



10 simple ways to breathe in happiness every day:

1.)           The very minute you open your eyes, remember, you have just been given a gift to take advantage of.  You have just been blessed with a new day.

2.)           The very next thing to do is look around for someone or something to show your love.  This morning, I kissed my cat.

3.)           Give yourself a little treat.  Fresh cinnamon sprinkled on coffee sounds nice.

4.)           Give yourself completely to chores that need to be done.  No complaining or dragging your heels… if it is a matter of need and it is in your life, you own it.  Do it happily.  Whatever it is, all is better for having it done.

5.)           Laugh at silly things.  Make jokes.  Play a little.  Try to do one thing each day that makes you look a bit like a fool- it’s an adrenaline rush, I tell you!

6.)           Let go of big worries that are simply too big and beyond your control.  If it helps to visualize, put the worry inside a big yellow balloon and let it fly away high into the sky.

7.)           Follow through with the smaller worries that you do have control over.  Think of something you can do to make something better and then do it!  No more thinking, just DO.

8.)           Allow yourself free expression.  Paint, talk, take pictures, cook… whatever it is, do some of it every day.

9.)           SLOW DOWN.  Enjoy the very little things.  One way I know to see if I am at a good pace is that I am conscious of my breathing several times throughout the day.  Nice, big breaths in and slowly exhale.  Ahhh.  That is a breath of happiness, my friends!

10.)    Believe in something- anything- that is bigger than you.  Fill your heart with faith and life feels like a ride on angel’s wings.

The New Happy

How to get it no matter what you’ve got.

Well, now, after reading the 10 ways to breathe in happy, you can see how easy it is!  I do declare.  The older I get, the simpler life becomes.  I feel like I could be sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch, talking like a sage.  The funny part is that a few years from now, I will laugh at myself for what I thought then!  No matter- it’s all good stuff no matter what stage of life you are in.  We all need to hear something at different points in our lives.  Sometimes I feel like a little ball inside a pin-ball machine.  I bump into things a lot!  And then I move into the open passageway in front of me.

I guess it all comes down to this. 

It’s not what you’ve got. 

It is what you bring to it.

Peace for the journey.

INSIDE the mind *not so crazy* anymore.

I have two proposals to make.  One is that darkness is scarier than light, and two is that concepts have a way of flipping upside down.  If this all sounds a little crazy, read on.

Darkness versus Light:

When we keep things trapped in our minds, it can be a dark world up there!  Picture an attic with bats flying around with no way to get out.  Creepy!  If the scariest of thoughts never get out to see the light of day, they can fly in circles up there forever.  But when you let one of those thoughts out, it is amazing to find out that someone else has been there too.  In the light, we find truth and friendship and what we thought was crazy, is not so crazy anymore.  The moral of this story is that you are not alone, and two crazies equal none, unless you declare to live in Cuckoo Nation, and this is a very good thing.


Have you ever believed something to be true so much that any other way of looking at it sounds absurd?  And then at a later time, you gain experience and learn something new and you realize actually the OPPOSITE is true?  I have so many examples… some of which you may think I am crazy for believing, but someday you’ll see!  One example is finding out I can do sports when I always thought I had two left feet.  Another example is finding out something new about someone that changes your whole perception.  The moral of this story is to keep an OPEN mind.  What is true today may be its opposite tomorrow.  Just another way to keep us on our toes, I say.  Happy toes, that is.

You have just finished reading the first edition of the Weekly Do


And now for some letters from YOU:

Hi Liz!!

Oh yes of course, I ALWAYS read your Lily Connection right down to the last drop! I don’t want to miss one single word.


By the way I LOVE Cuckoo Nation (see it on a T-shirt!!!!!)- ooo what a fun thing!!!

I read all the way to the bottom- everything in life is perceptions honey- believe it!!!

talk later!


I read EVERYTHING top to bottom and back up… and I save it and read it again before I clean up my inbox… thank you!!



keep singing, my lil sweet pea


of course i always read all the way down to the ‘secret place to say a little bit more’!! :):):)

why on earth would i stop reading/smiling??

i am going to do this puzzle, too~~thank you! =+]


thanks to you.  We do the happy dance.


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